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Share Your World With Internet Video

Since it's inception the internet has given people a new way to communicate. New ways to share your thoughts, your interests, or whatever you want really, have been created on the web. First it was free web pages through services like AngelFire that fueled the growth of personal web pages. The, ad driven style, free websites gave users an easy way to share themselves with family and friends.

Originally a knowledge of basic web design was required, but that soon evolved into easy to use web page creation tools. Soon after blogging or online journaling gained popularity. Collaboration tools are available to allow people to work together from a distance. Today though, it is internet video that is the new way to share.

With broadband internet available for less than what dial up used to cost, more people are turning to online video to tell their story. In today's world of connected devices, and technology all you really need is a video enabled cell phone or an inexpensive digital camera to record your videos.

Internet video really is changing the way we communicate. Traditional phone services really aren't required anymore. All you need is a service like Skype or even just MSN messenger. With such services two people can quickly be connected via digital video conference with only an internet enabled computer and a video camera. Best of all, unlike traditional phone service, most video communication is free.

If your preference is more to record first and display later, services like YouTube allow you to do just that. Video blogging has made huge gains in popularity these past couple years. With easy to use sites like YouTube that allow for the embedding of video in any web page, it really is ease of use that pushed the growth in popularity. Anyone with a video enabled cell phone can now record themselves, an event, or anything else they want and have it posted on the internet in minutes.

Along with the sharing of personal stories or ideas, internet video is also providing a new outlet for the more creative types. With a video camera and some ambition amateur filmographers, producers, actors/actresses, or just someone with something to say, can now produce and upload their own videos. Amateur animators are finding it easy to share their creative genius with the world. All you need is the time and the inclination and you can show what you have to the world with video.

Although some of the major video sites have been bogged down with lawsuits from copyright infringement cases, it is to be expected as we move from old media delivery systems to knew ones. As a member of the general public internet video provides new opportunities to share, a new outlet for your creativity, and news ways to communicate. Really it is all about sharing information. The internet led a revolution in information sharing and video sharing is just the next step.

Tyler Ellison is a successful entrepreneur who teaches free internet traffic secrets and internet video marketing tricks