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 DedicatedServerZone Links

Dedicated Server Forums:
WebServerTalk: Lounge for Dedicated Server Admins.

WebHostingTalk: Comprehensive Web Hosting & Dedicated Server forum.

ozzu: Webmaster forum.

BrowseHosts: Webmaster forum.

dmoz: Comprehensive list of Web Hosting forums.

Scroogle: Google like search engine.

Web Design & Webmaster Resources:
Open Source Web Design: Download free web templates.

Open Web Designs: Download free web design templates.

Template World: Free XHTML/CSS Templates For Web Design.

NVU: Free WYSIWYG web authoring toolf for Windows, MAC & Linux desktops.

WebMasterWorld: Webmaster News and Discussion.

Weblogs: Web blogs.

Domain Resources:
dmoz Top: Computers: Internet: Protocols: DNS: DNS Providers: Dynamic DNS: Dyanamic DNS Providers.

Top: Computers: Internet: Protocols: DNS: DNS Providers : DNS Providers.

FreeDNS.ws : Free DNS.  DNS name hosting.

Tutorials & Online Learning:
ASP.NET: Comprehensive site for learning ASP.NET, with world class Video Tutorials.

ASPIsFun: The Free ASP online course.

ASPNet101: Best guide to learning ASP.NET.

CodeProject: Your Visual Studio and .NET resource.

WebDesigner: Nice Web Design resources and tutorials.

Plus2Net: ASP/PHP Tutorials.

WebCheatSheet: Web Cheat Sheet.

Codango: ASP, ASP.NET, PHP web resources.

FreeComputerBooks: Free Computer Books, Tutorials & Lecture Notes.

InformIT: Online Computer books.

EMerchantZone: World class credit card processing services.

Top Internet Retailers: Best of the best of Internet E-Commerce.

Other Dedicated Server Sites: (if you can't find what you want with us, here a few recommended alternatives)
Liquidweb: Dedicated servers with "Heroic Support".

Versaweb: Versaweb.com - Las Vegas.

ServerPronto:  Dedicated servers.

FastColocation: Colocation Services.

SuperbHosting: Canadian based dedicated servers.

OLM / ServerADay: Dedicated servers.

ThePlanet:  Dedicated servers in Texas.

iWeb8:  Dedicated servers.

Volumedrive : Hosting

DedicatedServerStore : Dedicated servers for resellers

RackMounted.com : Dedicated servers

Web Hosting:
ServerGrid: Hsphere Web Hosting. - Forums

dmoz: Comprehensive list of web hosts.

dmoz: Comprehensive list of web hosting directories.

dmoz: Web hosting tutorials.

Industry News:
The WHIR: Web Host Industry Review

The Hosting News: Dedicated / Colocated Server News

Host Release: Web Hosting Press Releases

My Host News: More web hosting news

Web Design:
Maratz: Nice Blog for web design tips.

Online Image Processing:
Gifworks: Create Animated and Transparent GIFs

LetMeConvert: Convert from JPG to GIF & other graphic / misc file conversions.

Resizr: Powerful image conversion site.

Online Image Resizer: Online image resizer.

LetMeConvert: Conversion for small files.

Resize to Mail: Resize image to mail.

Shrink Pictures: Shrink pictures online.

Online Image Resize: Online image resize.

Pic Resize: Pic resize.

Resize your image: Resize your image.

Online Royalty Free image sites:
StockExpert: Leading free stock photography web site.

US Gov: Free US Gov images.

Scripts & Software:
Bravenet: Comprehensive list of remote hosted scripts.

Neowave: Free software & useful tools.

2BrightSparks.com: File Backup and Utility Software.

EasyStoreCreator: Ecommerce cart software.

Tutorialized: Where everything is a tutorial.

MonsterSmallBusiness: Free Emerchant resources.

3D2F.com: Giant software directory.

Sitescripts: - PHP Scripts, CGI Scripts, Free Javascript & ASP Scripts.

FreeScripts: Ultimate free script resource.

EZGoal: ASP scripts PHP scripts Java JavaScripts scripts Perl JSP CGI.

DevScripts: Web Development Scripts Directory.

ASPObjects: ASP Script Scripts asp.net, Active Server Pages, Page, asp free resource component code object download.

Scripts.com: Scripts.

ScriptsSearching: Great free asp scripts.

ScriptDungeon: More free scripts.

NeedScripts: NeedScripts Directory.

ASPWebPro: ** Free ASP Scripts for ASP Programmers.

WebCheatSheet: Web Cheat Sheet tutorials.

SourceCodeOnline: ASP / PHP / etc... scripts online.

WHM Scripts: WHM Scripts.

Online Articles:
EZineArticles: Largest selection of articles online.

SEO-NEWS: Search Engine Strategies for WebMasters.

Go Cart Ecommerce Newsletter: Ecommerce newsletter.

Siteground Knowledgebase: Good knowledgebase compilation.

Thinkhost Knowledgebase: Powered by Wind & Sun.

Lifehacker: Tips for getting things done.

HolidayKitchen.TV: Easy to follow video recipies.

Financial Meltdown Satire: Satire of financial meltdown.

Free Online Photos:
Stock.xchng: Largest collection of free online photos.

Free Online Tools:
W3C Link Validator: Checks site for broken links.

Broken Sites: Site which checks for broken links on any URL.

LibraryThing: Free online personal library database, good for personal / library use, and good for insurance purposes.

DomainTools: Domain information and whois.

SEOLogs: Domain information.

intoDNS: DNS health test.

SOSOnlineBackup: Backup services.

Anon Credit Card: Wire mouse.

Colocation Resources Online Tools:
Colocation.com: Colocation directory.

Datacenter map: Visual map of international data centers.

Site Security:
y2hack: y2hack.

nstalker: nstalker.

trustwave: trustwave.

mcafeesecure: mcafeesecure.

safeshoppingnetwork: safeshoppingnetwork.

Misc Resources:
Zoho: Online documents and collaboration.

Free Find: Site Search Engine.

2bone: Free online link checker.

InternetSeer: Web site monitoring.

Mike's marketing tools: Link Popularity checker.

Site Probe: Checks site hourly.

Rank Alert: Search engine ranking tools.

Web Service Scheduler: Remote Cron job.