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 News / Events Now Offers Full Backup Services via is pleased to announce a new partnership with, for providing industry leading remote data backup services.

In ancient mythology, Atlas was assigned to hold up the heavens from falling on the Earth, and according to some folklore, Atlas was assigned to hold the Earth. is a premier remote data backup service, with an unparalleled degree of reliability and stability.

Online remote backups are essential for nearly every business and organization.  Losing data is just not an option, since the loss of data will lead to the demise of any organization, in case of catastrophic hardware failure.  Offsite data storage is essential, in case of a range of hazards, from fires, earthquakes and terrorist attacks, where it is imperative to maintain offsite backups.

Another major issue regarding remote backups is encryption.  Many professions, include Lawyers, Accountants, Medical professionals, etc..., require that their data be secure, but 100% unavailable to unauthorized people, due to the nature of confidentiality regarding their clients' data and records. offers leading edge 128 bit encryption technology, with a key only available to the client, so even personnel do not have access to the data.

How does it work?

At the specified hour each day, automated software performs an incremental backup, meaning that it automatically backs up only those files which were changed during the previous 24 hours.  Once a week or month, the data is backed up on a separate permanent medium, and stored in a separate facility, so if a file gets corrupted, it can be restored from a previous weekly or monthly permanent backup.  For an extra charge, daily backups can also be permanently secured as well.

Why not use a local backup, such as DVD or Tape?

Basically, local backups usually require that personnel be assigned to perform the backup.  If personnel forgets to perform the backup, or the local building suffers a catastrophic event, such as fire or terrorist attack, even local backups will be destroyed.  Therefore, it is preferable to perform remote backups.

Who is it for?

Any business or organization must have remote backups, and in many cases this is mandated by local laws or regulations.  Additionally, private people may want to backup digital picture and media.  Also, since the popularity of "Key-Disks", these too should be incrementally backed up, due to the ease of losing or misplacing this medium.

For more information, please go to :