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The Benefits of Colocation

What is colocation?

Colocation offers all the added features of dedicated hosting while providing you with more freedom. Our affordable colocation solutions puts the ownership of the server in your hands, giving complete freedom to you.

Colocation vs. Dedicated Server

This is the difference between dedicated servers and these solutions. The web hosting company owns a dedicated server. Colocation differs in that the you own the server.

Host Savings

To build and maintain the in-house requirements that your server demands can cost you valuable capital in facilities, Internet connectivity and maintenance personnel. Companies who offer these services already made the investment to provide these services so you can use your capital and time to focus on your core business.


Most data centers provide you with collocated server confidence and the critical information contained on the server is safe. Data centers should be monitored 24-7. Your systems should be housed in a state-of-the-art data center, with redundant air cooling and filtering systems, designed to operate even in the event of a power failure. Data centers should be located and built to withstand natural disasters, and other emergencies.


Since you are collocating, there is no sharing of bandwidth, RAM, or any other hardware allowing your server to run at its highest capacity. Some colocation companies offer redundant Internet connections and extremely high bandwidth provisions ensure that your information is readily accessible for your use or your customers use on demand. Because of high bandwidth provisions the response speed of your collocated server will be at a level higher than that of your customers ensuring a quick response.


The life of hardware is extended by the climate controlled environment as well as the power conditioning. Server hosting can allow you to access enterprise level backup, and monitoring tools. Colocation hosting can offer reliable power with clean, uninterruptible power, through a combination of multiple power grids, generators, and best-of-breed maintenance practices.

Location Independence

Building a data center is expensive and time consuming. You need to have the right amount of knowledge and pay staff to control your data center. If you are part of a growing small to medium-sized business, chances are your company may need to move to a larger building or office in the future. With your server collocated, a physical business can move smoothly.

Increased Flexibility

Colocation offers you the flexibility to upgrade and grow your technology requirements as your business grows without having to make additional capital investments. As you budget for changes, they can happen.

Dawn Philippi writes articles and helps promote companies by using Search Engine Optimization, web analytic implementation, and Search Engine Marketing.

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