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 Dedicated Server Order Form
DedicatedServerZone.com Secure Dedicated Server Order Form
   Step 1: Select Your Server - Free Setup when you pre-pay for four months.
Note: All Servers are manufactured by IBM, with Intel Processors.
Alefhost Dual Xeon - $100.00 /mo. (Setup Fee Waived)
Alefhost Quad Xeon - $199.00 /mo.  plus $100 Setup Fee
Alefhost Dual Quad Xeon (8 Cores)- $299.00 /mo. , plus $100 Setup Fee

   Step 2: Customize Settings
Hard Drive:
Operating System:
Control Panel:
Microsoft SQL:
FTP Backup Space:
Additional IP Addresses:
Burstable Bandwidth:
Setup Fee:
Total Due today (before tax):
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